Who would name a church, Border City Church???

Nobody else, apparently. It was weird. A Google search yielded the existence of zero other local churches with the name Border City Church. That probably does not impress you, if you have not recently had to come up with a unique, fitting church name. But, let me tell you, pretty much EVERY name already exists out there (I mean, think "Intercourse United Methodist Church," and "Church of God-Zillah", I'm not kidding). So, why did we name this church plant in Detroit, "Border City Church?" Here it is: 1. We want to honor the city of Detroit. Detroit is the only major American city who's downtown is directly on an international border (Canada). We find that to be a really cool featu

“WHY are you moving to DETROIT!?”

In 2009 my family of four moved from Georgia, USA to Johannesburg, South Africa. We moved, believing that we had been called by God to do so, and specifically to lead a church in the country, and this dream materialized after 3 years of living in South Africa. During the past 8 years I cannot tell you how many times a newly-met South African has asked me, “WHY did you move from the USA to here!?” With the political and economic instability of South Africa, few “SAfers” can relate to someone voluntarily leaving the land of the American dream to the danger and problems of Johannesburg. On a recent trip to America I excitedly announced that we were soon relocating to Detroit. Many of the resp
Following Jesus in His love for Detroit and beyond our borders.

Sundays 10 AM

1337 Division Street Eastern Market

Detroit, MI USA

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