What makes Border City Church so special?

I hate sales. I don't like trying to sell people things, and I tend to not trust people if they're trying to sell something to me. So, I hesitated a bit when I was recently asked in one of our Vision Gatherings, "What makes Border City Church special? What differentiates it from the other churches already in Detroit?" Great question. The problem was this: 1) answering it felt like unwillingly making a "sales" pitch, and 2) it was very hard to answer in such a way that didn't imply that other churches don't have what we have. However, people won't know what we're about unless we explicitly tell them. So, without at all suggesting that we are saviors come to rescue Detroit, that we have wh

What really is "church?"

What really is “church?” That’s an important question for us to consider in a time when a whole lot of people are tired of it. I recently had the privilege of going to Chicago for a weekend of linking up with leaders from 6 partnering churches in the greater northeastern North American region. It was cool. Folks attended from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario and Massachusetts. We felt envisioned, refocused and bolstered by the sense of team and partnership. But the best, most helpful thing of that weekend? Lunch shared with good friends around a table. Before our arrival I was processing through some concerns and questions. (If you are ever called to plant a church, as we have been, yo
Following Jesus in His love for Detroit and beyond our borders.

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