Each week brings with it an opportunity for renewed purpose and focus. Most of us have plans and goals for this week. Most of us want to achieve more and hopefully enjoy ourselves in the process. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I look at my week ahead. My appetite for life and my desire to be productive don’t always match the hours available or my realistic capacity.

Why would one want to grow his/her capacity? Is it simply so we can DO more? Is it so we can take more on and be busier? Is that really the goal? I believe the idea of “Grow Your Capacity” is attractive to us because deep down inside we want to FLOURISH. We know that we were designed to thrive and be successful in the work we put our hands to. It really boils down to being fruitful. And in case you haven’t noticed, DOing more doesn’t always = fruitful. (Much more on *busyness* in a later post!)

In the first post I mentioned the passage of scripture from Isaiah 54. Verse 1 starts with this:

“Sing, O barren…”

First, our “barrenness” is addressed…. SO THAT our fruitfulness can then be addressed.

Scripture records true-life story after true-life story of nation-changing figures who were born from barren women/couples: Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samson, Samuel and John the Baptist. All of these were born from impossible situations. Even Jesus was born from a virgin.

What are the areas in your life that are “barren” right now? What are the areas in which you want to see more life? In what areas do you feel “small?” It could be in your spiritual life, your marriage, relationships with children or other family members, in your work or in the dreams you hold for your life. Well, let’s walk into this week with renewed hope because God loves to bring fruitfulness from barrenness.

How does this process start? There is a promise here for us. As we determine to live lives bigger than ourselves, to shift focus off of ourselves alone and to move in the direction of “for others”, the impossible becomes possible. Dead things start to stir and come alive and if we carry all the way through (more on that later!) the result is that new life is born. We identify with our Creator and He includes us in His amazing plan to touch and reach the world, starting with those around us.

That’s how it starts: with a promise and a decision to believe that promise. Then fruitfulness and the strength to grow capacity come from a source. That’s the next post!

Capacity is for fruitfulness.

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