I Rest So I Can Run

Written January 1, 2018

2017 took more of me than I was expecting. Honestly, the personal price of what I willingly walked into last year was greater than I had anticipated.

As I fell into Christmas weekend, I felt like a runner stumbling across the finish line of the year. On the 26th I was beating myself up for being physically and emotionally spent again, but there was a whisper in my spirit of these words as a lifeline to my heart…

“Even young people will be weary and stumble and be exhausted. But those who wait for the Lord (expect, look for and hope in Him) shall renew their strength and power… they shall run and not be weary.” (from Isaiah 40)

I heard the Holy Spirit say that it’s OK.

I’m learning that no matter how much we try to have healthy boundaries, good planning and rhythms of rest (and we should be continually learning how to do life better) there are moments and seasons that simply take it out of us, and that even in God’s good plan for us, at times that’s OK. This has been one of those seasons for me.

The fix is to recognize it and come to a pause. Rest must happen so that “strength and power” can be “renewed”. And thank God that it can be! 🙌🏽

Then, I love reading that we are supposed to “RUN and not be weary”… we’re meant to RUN! *We’re just not supposed to run on empty.*

I’ve gone underground a bit for the past few days, just as extraordinarily cold temps have made nature go to sleep around me. I’ve rested and tucked myself into my heart to listen to it, to process thoughts through writing and prayer and chats with Paul.

Today, as I look into 2018 these promises (from Isaiah 40) are working wonders in my heart. ♡

I hope that you have rested or are resting, that you are renewed, refocused and that you find what you need in a place of peace. And I pray that in 2018 you will run!

Happy New Year!

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