Scripture exemplifies four broad categories of giving. At Border City Church, we order our finances in the same way:

TITHING Funds contributed by those who call Border City Church their church home. Ten percent of one’s income, sown into the work of the local church, is the starting point illustrated in Scripture.

TRANSLOCAL Funds contributed specifically for apostolic endeavors the church engages in such as church planting, sending teams to minister in other churches and local evangelistic efforts.

BENEVOLENCE Funds contributed specifically to help with widows, orphans, the poor or those in temporary need.

OFFERINGS Funds contributed above and beyond the tithe, or for specific needs from time to time (i.e., “Africa Mission Trip” or “Sound Equipment,” etc.) When you give to Border City Church, please specify on your check or online banking memo where you are directing your funds.

Ways you can give:

Give on Sundays

Please make checks out to:

Border City Church

Mail or Online Banking

Send or schedule payments through your bank to:

Border City Church

PO Box 2726

Detroit, MI 48202

Give on Venmo


Your giving is tax deductible