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Thank you for giving at Border City Church. We are honored that you want to partner with us in this way, and that you choose to give at BCC. Your gifts are tax deductible.




Scripture teaches us to give tithes and offerings:


Funds contributed by those who call Border City Church their church home. Ten percent of one’s income, sown into the work of the local church, is the starting point illustrated in Scripture.


Funds contributed above and beyond the tithe.




On an annual basis we provide feedback to the church on our financial situation, including our financial processes, but want to always remain open to any giving member of the church. So if you would like to get more insight into the financials of the church, please email and we will be able to answer the questions you may have.

At Border City Church, we strive to run a light administrative budget, and choose to give locally, nationally, and internationally to follow Jesus’ command for his disciples to go into “Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world” - Acts 1:8.  For us, that means using finances to build community and serve the vulnerable locally, and to give towards church planting and strengthening churches nationally, as well as internationally. Thank you for your generosity. Together we are making a difference!

Ways you can give:

Give on Sundays

Please make checks out to:

Border City Church

Give on Venmo



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