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Who would name a church, Border City Church???

Nobody else, apparently. It was weird.

A Google search yielded the existence of zero other local churches with the name Border City Church. That probably does not impress you, if you have not recently had to come up with a unique, fitting church name. But, let me tell you, pretty much EVERY name already exists out there (I mean, think "Intercourse United Methodist Church," and "Church of God-Zillah", I'm not kidding).

So, why did we name this church plant in Detroit, "Border City Church?" Here it is:

1. We want to honor the city of Detroit. Detroit is the only major American city who's downtown is directly on an international border (Canada). We find that to be a really cool feature of this already amazing city and wanted to pay homage to the city in recognizing this fact in the name.

2. Our mission is international. From the time God called Abraham in the book of Genesis and first called a people to be His own, to Jesus' call to His Church in the Gospels and Book of Acts, God's call to His people has ALWAYS been of international scope. When we speak "border" in the name, we want to acknowledge this idea. Our call is simultaneously to our own locale, while also to cross borders and reach into other regions and nations.

3. We are spiritual pioneers. Borders speak of the uttermost limits. This is where we want to live. Our desire is to continuously allow God to bring us into more truth, greater love, and a fuller reality of Jesus living through us. While we appreciate everything we already have, we do not want to stay, we do not want to settle, we want to live on the edge of our comfort – the borders – where we are most fully reliant upon Him.

This journey is a thrilling one and we want you to be on it with us!

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